Sink the Bismarck! (eBook)

by C. S. Forester

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In 1941, Hitler’s deadly Bismarck, the fastest battleship afloat, broke out into the Atlantic. Its mission: to cut the lifeline of British shipping and win the war with one might blow. How the Royal Navy tried to meet this threat and its desperate attempt to bring the giant Bismarck to bay in six mad days of driving Atlantic storm is the story C. S. Forester tells with mounting excitement and suspense.

C.S. Forester was born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1899, the son of a British Army officer. After service in the infantry in World War I, he began his writing career. In 1937 he wrote the first Horatio Hornblower novel. This would become a series of international best selling sea adventure novels that would make him one of the most acclaimed writers in the 20th century. Forester was also the author of the African Queen, which was made into a movie starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn. He died in 1966.
John Gresham is the co-author with Tom Clancy on the best-selling “guided tour” military books Submarine and Special Forces. His documentaries: Wings Over Afganistan and 21st Century Soldier are scheduled to be released in Fall 2002 on The Discovery Channel. He is presently a writer, researcher, game designer, photographer and commentator on military subjects for The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, and other broadcast and print mediums. Gresham worked for over twenty years as a defense analyst and training consultant before becoming a professional full-time writer. He regularly give lectures at important military schools across the nation.

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