Uncle John's Creature Feature Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! (eBook)

by Bathroom Readers' Institute

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Once upon a time, Uncle John set his ghouls on a task to create three new For Kids Only! books: Strange & Scary, Wild & Woolly, and Under the Slimy Sea. But then a giant green creature oozed out of the muck and gobbled them all up! And what did that horrible thing spit out? This book—Creature Feature! It's bubbling over with more than 400 pages of blood-curdling facts, gut-wrenching activities, cringe-inducing jokes, and head-spinning true stories—all made even more icky by all the freaky photographs and illustrations. Whether it walks, limps, gallops, flies, crawls, swims, or just sits there and makes fart noises—chances are you'll encounter it in Creature Feature. So have a spooky good time checking out . . .
- The World's Smelliest Sneaker
- Dog-sized horses and horse-sized dogs
- The great ball of snot
- An armadillo invasion and a turtle traffic jam
- Zombies, Bigfoot, and “the mothman"
- How to make your own mummy
- Why polar bears don't eat penguins
- Vengeful ghosts and haunted castles
- And much more!
Don't say we didn't warn you.
Lexile score: 1000L

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