Beating the SAT® 2009 Edition (MP3): An Audio Guide to Getting the Score You Need

by Awdeeo, Awdeeo

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Here's the deal: you have to take the SAT. Not only that, but a decent score on the SAT is the best way to get into the college you want. So what's the ultra-busy, college bound student with a life to do? Well, we'll make a deal with you: listen to us, take our advice to heart and keep your eyes on the prize—getting into college, that is—and we'll give you all the tips, secrets and strategies you need to get the score you're after! So, take us with you wherever you go: on the bus or in the car to school, out with friends, to practices and afterschool stuff...wherever, and we'll get you ready for this one last, little step you have to take before moving on to that awesome college experience you were destined for!

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