AP® European History 2009 Edition (MP3): Your Audio Guide to Getting a 5

by Awdeeo, Awdeeo

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So, 500 years is a lot of history to cover. Not only that, but you're super busy having a life and studying for all the other tests you have to take AND all the stuff you've got to do just to get in to college. But don't worry! We've got you covered...this audiobook is designed to walk you through everything that happened in the Old World from 1450 all the way through...well...right now! And that's not all. We'll also talk about how to write truly awesome DBQ and Free Response essays and all the best tricks and strategies to dealing with those tougher multiple choice questions. So, seriously...don't panic! We're here to help and as long as you take us with you wherever you go, when test time comes in May, you'll have everything you need to pull a 5!

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