A Lighter Footprint (eBook): A Practical Guide to Minimising Your Impact on the Planet

by Angela Crocombe

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'We must seek to drastically reduce the heavy tread of our footprint upon the earth; otherwise, our children and our grandchildren will have very little hope of enjoying a habitable planet.'

Angela Crocombe believes that global warming is the biggest problem facing humanity today, and that each of us has an essential part to play in finding a solution by reducing our physical impact on the planet.

A Lighter Footprint uses a tool called the ecological footprint to help us do just that: it estimate the resources that an individual consumes, compared with the amount that nature can sustain. Importantly, it debunks the myth that green living is not for everyone by detailing simple, practical, day-to-day actions that all Australians can take to reduce not only the costs to our environment but also to our wallets.

Subjects covered include carbon offset schemes and lighter-footprint options for the way we use transport, energy, water and food, household goods and appliances, and personal-care items. It also provides a wide range of tips for recycling, for building and renovating sustainably, for engaging in ethical investment, and for developing lower-impact office practices and more responsible travel and event management.

A Lighter Footprint empowers each of us, and provides us with the means to change our ingrained habits and replace them with more sustainable behaviour.

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