Waterstones and Corporate Social Responsibility - Introduction

Gloria Hunniford meets customers at Waterstones, Basingstoke

Welcome to the Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR) section of Waterstones.com. Here you will find information about our work with local communities, our charity partnership, as well as our commitments to reducing our impact on the environment, and to our people.

At Waterstones, CSR means making sure that everything we do benefits our people and customers. This can mean making Waterstones a better, safer place for our staff to work or a more inviting place for our customers to shop. It means positively interacting with the people that live and work near to each of our stores, and doing all we can to minimise our impact on the environment. For Waterstones, CSR is about respecting our planet and each other, and touches on every aspect of our business.

Waterstones has an active CSR group that involves representatives from all areas of the business. The CSR Group meets four times a year to set the strategy and agree progress against the company's annual plan.

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