We're mobile - a bookshop on your smartphone

A bookshop on your smartphone

If you own a smartphone, you can browse, buy and review books on our mobile site.

bullet Reserve & Collect any book or kindle that's in stock at your local Waterstones.

bullet Find - look up a Waterstones shop, find directions or call the shop number from your phone to make an enquiry.

bullet Buy - browse and buy books and gifts using your existing Waterstones.com account.

bullet Earn - use your Waterstones Card to earn and spend points just as you can online and in our shops.

bullet Read - the thousands of reviews left by our customers to help you chose your next great book.

bullet First - get ahead by pre-ordering new titles for delivery upon publication.

bullet Secure - all purchases made on our mobile site go through the same secure servers that we use for Waterstones.com.

bullet Treat - Waterstones gift cards and voucher codes work on m.waterstones.com just like they do on Waterstones.com.