Wish lists

Wish lists

The Wish list service allows you to create a personalised list of all the things you'd like to buy. You can then email the list to your friends and family to encourage them to buy you a present that you really want.

Setting up your very own Waterstones wish list is easy

Browse the Waterstones.com shop. When you find the item(s) you're looking for, click on the jacket or product title to call up the product detail page. If you'd like to receive the item(s) as a present or store for a later date, click the 'Add to wish list' button next to the product. Your wish list will be automatically displayed.

Emailing my wish list to my friends and family

Once you've set up your very own Waterstones.com wish list, you can send it to anyone you like, whenever you like. Follow the 'My account' link, then'your account' and then 'My wish list.'

In 'My wish list', select the item(s) you want to send and then either choose a previously stored email address from your address book, or simply type up to three email addresses into the boxes provided. Then click on send. The email sent on your behalf contains a link, which will allow the recipient to view your wish list.

Please be aware that the recipient will need to be a registered customer at Waterstones.com in order to purchase the product for you.

How do I view someone else's wish list?

You can view someone else's wish list in one of two ways: If you are an existing customer, Click on 'My account' and then click on 'My wish list'. You can then view another person's wish list by entering their email address in the 'Find a wish list' box. This is useful if you are stuck for gift ideas.

Alternatively, you may have been sent a gift list via email - simply click on the link provided and view the gift list presented.

How do I buy a gift from someone else's wish list?

Once you've found the relevant wish list using the search box or by clicking on an email link provided, just follow the simple instructions outlined below:

Select the item(s) you'd like to purchase by ticking the select box next to the relevant product and 'Add to basket'.

When you have moved all the items in your basket you can then proceed to the checkout and purchase the items.