Product availability

Each product page gives a 'Usually despatched' time which is an indicator (not a guarantee) on how long it will take us to ship your order. Please see the availability types below for a breakdown of what these indicators mean.

Please note: All availability times are subject to the shipping method chosen and payment being processed successfully.

For more information on our shipping methods please visit our Shipping information page.

Availability types

In stock - Usually Despatched within 24/48 hours:

This item is in stock and should take a maximum of 24/48 hours to process for despatch.

Available to order - Any other length of time (e.g. 3-5 days, 7-10 days, 2-4 weeks):

This item is not in stock and should take the estimated amount of time to receive from the supplier and process for despatch. Please note: This is an estimate based on information provided by our suppliers and not a guarantee.

Available for pre-order:

This item has not yet been published and you can place an order in advance of the release. The latest release date information we have is displayed. Please note: The publication date listed is the latest information provided by our suppliers and is subject to change. For delivery of pre-order titles, we will do our best to ship these items to reach you on the day of release, but cannot guarantee this.

Prices may change prior to the release date. If the price is lower than when you placed your order, we will ensure that your order is amended before it is shipped, matching the price displayed on the site. Don't worry if the price goes up, you will still pay the lower price.

Reprinting, available to order:

This item is not in stock. It is also currently out of stock at the supplier but is being reprinted and should be in stock shortly. Occasionally, reprints are delayed. If this happens we will do our best to keep you updated.

Out of stock, Publisher may reprint:

This item is not in stock. The publisher of the title has yet to decide if they will make more copies. You can place an order for this with us and we will do our best to keep you updated as to its availability. Occasionally, publishers decide not to print any more copies. If this happens we will cancel your order and email you to let you know.

Availability uncertain:

This item is not in stock. Availability is uncertain but we will do everything possible to get this from our supplier. If we are unable to get hold of the item we will cancel your order and email you to let you know.

Not available:

This item is no longer available to order direct from However, where we have stock available via our second hand marketplace partner, their availability should be displayed. Please note Marketplace purchases are not processed by Waterstones and you will need to register separately in order to complete your order.

For more information, please visit our Waterstones Marketplace help page.

Occasionally, we are unable to obtain an item from our suppliers. If this happens, we will cancel your order and email you to let you know.

Special purchases

Limited and exclusive editions

On some occasions, goods can be limited to a small number of copies. reserves the right to limit any order to a specified number of products (usually one or two). Any orders placed for multiple copies will be amended. We will also cancel orders that are placed separately for the same item. This is in the interests of fairness for all of our customers.

Signed products

We are happy to offer products that are signed by the author. Unfortunately the number of copies are always very limited. This means we cannot guarantee that every customer will receive the signed version.

It is advisable to order these limited items individually as other products in your order may cause a delay.

Please be aware that multiple orders/copies for signed goods may not be completely fulfilled and the quantities may be changed. This is in the interests of fairness and makes the chance of receiving a signed copy as equal as possible for all of our customers.

Bulk orders

Please note that orders for multiple copies of the same title may take longer to fulfil. This is because you may have ordered more copies than we currently stock and we need to get more copies from our supplier. This can increase the turnaround time for the order.