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Embrace your inner chimp, discover what makes the international money markets tick, and find the latest media tie-ins on this page where we feature the latest bestsellers, prize-winners and more.

Tour de France

As we bid au revoir (or should that be 'cheerio'?) to the British stage of the Tour de France we throught we'd share our selection of the best bike books about. Read more on our Blog

Coming soon to a cinema near you!

The Swedish bestseller has now been adapted for the silver screen and is great! Read our review of the film adaptation here

Will she or won't she?

It's only a matter of time before she says 'yes' (we hope*)

If you like John Green clap your hands!

With the movie adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars hitting cinemas this month, what does the John Green-superfan read while they wait for a new book from the YA master? Attention Nerdfighters! Bookseller, Darran Stobbart is here to make sure you stay awesome with some recommended reading. Read more here

Coming soon to a cinema near you!

17-year-old Mia is in hospital following a car crash. From her coma, an out-of-body experience allows her to observe as her nearest and dearest watch over her recovery.

Monty Python Live

The reunion everyone is talking about!

Money makes the world go round...

The book that uncovers the patterns and trends that govern global financial markets, and explains how they function, succeed and fail.

Radio 4 Book of the Week

It's 1956 and Boris Pasternak presses a manuscript into the hands of an Italian publishing scout with these words, 'This is Doctor Zhivago. May it make its way around the world.'

With first access to previously classified CIA files, The Zhivago Affair gives an irresistible portrait of Pasternak, and takes us deep into the Cold War, back to a time when literature had the power to shake the world.

Radio 4 Book at Bedtime

This is a heartwarming, funny, moving and uplifting debut novel which tells the story of love and community that will leave you with a spring in your step.