Get started in a Crime series

Get started in a Crime series!

The best Crime series are dangerously addictive. That's because at the heart of each one lies a great character - from Lee Child's Jack Reacher to Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch. Have a look at our recommendations below to find the right one for you. Just be warned: once you get hooked you won't be able to stop!

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Our recommended crime series

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DS Roy Grace >

Detective Harry Bosch >

Alex Cross >

Inspector Montalbano >

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Dexter >

Jack Reacher See more Lee Child books

Jack Reacher is a former US military policeman who is now a drifter wandering the streets of America. Follow his adventures in Lee Child's high-octane page-turners as he uses his expert fighting skills and knowledge of weapons to solve crimes and right wrongs. Tom Cruise will play Jack Reacher in the forthcoming Hollywood movie adaption of One Shot. Get started with Killing Floor.

Inspector Rebus See more Ian Rankin books

Inspector John Rebus is the hard-drinking Edinburgh detective at the heart of Ian Rankin's multi-layered mysteries. With his working-class background and military past, Rebus is a bit of a loner and possesses a strong maverick streak which can sometimes get him into trouble with his colleagues. Get started with Knots and Crosses

DS Roy Grace See more Peter James books

Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is a man perpetually haunted by the mystery of his missing wife as he goes about his work solving crimes in the seedy, evocative atmosphere of Brighton. Get started in Peter James' bestselling series with Dead Simple.

Detective Harry Bosch See more Michael Connelly books

Detective Harry Bosch is a jazz-loving veteran homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police Department who relentlessly pursues the truth no matter what the implications might be. Get started in Michael Connelly's superbly plotted police procedurals with The Black Echo.

Alex Cross See more James Patterson books

Alex Cross is a humane and socially-minded black detective and psychologist based in Washington DC who gets to tackle some truly dastardly antagonists over the course of his many investigations. Get started in James Patterson's mega-bestselling series with Along came a Spider.

Inspector Montalbano See more Andrea Camilleri books

Inspector Salvo Montalbano is the hero of Andrea Camilleri's popular crime series set in Sicily. Montalbano is an expert at navigating the unique and murky world of Sicilian crime, and beneath his investigations Camilleri weaves a social and political commentary on modern Sicily. Get started with The Shape of Water.

Dr Temperance Brennan See more Kathy Reichs books

Dr Temperance 'Tempe' Brennan is a forensic anthropologist responsible for investigating human remains at crime scenes. Although she is socially awkward and has struggled with alcoholism in the past, she has a brilliant mind and never ceases to apply her infallible logic to her cases. Get started in Kathy Reichs' bestselling series with Deja Dead.

Agatha Raisin See more MC Beaton books

Agatha Raisin is a likeable middle-aged female sleuth who solves crimes in and around the cosy Cotswolds village of Carsely which she moved to from London after she sold her public relations firm in Mayfair. Get started in M. C. Beaton's series with Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death.

Inspector Alan Banks see more Peter Robinson books

Inspector Alan Banks is the hero of Peter Robinson's Yorkshire-set crime series which has also been adapted into the TV series DCI Banks. With a dislike of big-city materialism, Banks moved from London, where he worked for the Met, to the Yorkshire countryside to raise a family and work for the local police force. Get started with Gallows View.

Matthew Shardlake See more CJ Sansom books

Matthew Shardlake is the hunchbacked lawyer investigating mysterious deaths in CJ Sansom's historical thrillers set during the reign of Henry VIII. Shardlake's endeavours take him through all levels of Tudor society and involve him in the sweeping religious and political issues of the time. Get started with Dissolution.

Adam Dalgliesh See more PD James books

Adam Dalgliesh is a dashing, cerebral police commander at Scotland Yard who likes to drive a Jaguar and write poetry in his spare time. Heading up a squad of CID officers he works on only the most sensitive cases. Get started in PD James' series with Cover Her Face.

Lieutenant Eve Dallas See more JD Robb books

Lieutenant Eve Dallas is a dedicated policewoman with an extremely dark and tormented past. Become absorbed in her love life and crime-fighting escapades in mid-21st century New York in JD Robb's extensive romance-mystery series. Get started with Naked in Death.

Dexter See more Jeff Lindsay books

Dexter Morgan is a serial killer who has a day job as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami-Metro Police Department. In his own time, however, he tracks down and kills those who he knows are guilty of murder. Jeff Lindsay's bestselling novels have also been adapted into a hugely popular TV series. Get started with Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

Charlie Parker See more John Connolly books

Charlie Parker is a former New York City police officer who is now a private eye on a personal quest to find the murderer of his wife and daughter. Uncertainty exists as to whether he is haunted by their ghosts or just going mad. There is a strong supernatural element to John Connolly's acclaimed mysteries. Get started with Every Dead Thing.

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CJ Sansom's Matthew Shardlake

1. Dissolution

2. Dark Fire

3. Sovereign

4. Revelation

5. Heartstone

Richard Castle's Nikki Heat

1. Heat Wave

2. Naked Heat

3. Heat Rises

4. Frozen Heat

5. Deadly Heat