Great Gift Ideas

    Beautiful Collections

    We're always going to argue that there's nothing quite like a book and these are perfect examples why. Nicely-bound hardbacks do things that no other format can. The high-quality images and the tactile nature of the page are something that technology will never beat. They're a gift that'll last for years.

    Clothbound Classics

    From Pride and Prejudice to Dracula, the Penguin Classics range contains every story you could possibly want. Penguin have collected some of the best classic books and given them covers worthy of their reputation. These beautiful clothbound classics are a perfect gift for your own bookshelves. Or someone else's, if you can bring yourself to give them away.

    Penguin Clothbound Classics stacked against each other, including Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and The Picture of Dorian Gray.
    The Recipe Wheel, 1000 Tattoos and Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album
    Books with Style

    Everyone loves a stylish book. They stand out from the crowd - the bibliographic equivalent of a jauntily worn hat and a smartly trimmed jacket. At Waterstones we champion these beauties of publishing and herald them for what they are - unique.

    Voyager Classics

    The HarperCollins Voyager imprint has some of the best Science Fiction and Fantasy available and now that some of them have been newly bound in these beautiful clothbound covers, there's really no excuse not to treat yourself to one of their classic books. Even the most hardened fireman would find it difficult to burn these.

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    A book with a pen, waiting to be signed
    Signed Editions

    Personally inscribed by the writer, a signed edition is something special to it's owner and takes pride of place on a bookshelf.

    Box Sets

    The worst thing about a book series is finishing part of it and having to wait before you can continue the story. Trying to sleep but only being able to think about how much you hate Joffrey Baratheon. Of course, with book box sets you can just immediately pick up the next one and start reading. Everyone's a winner (apart from your neglected friends and family).

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    Gift Cards

    Our gift cards are magical - buy one from anywhere else and it's 'lazy', but buy one from Waterstones and you're suddenly the best. Person. Ever. Don't even try to pick a book for someone else - there are thousands of books to choose from - let them make the choice and revel in the knowledge that you're a thoughtful and considerate gift-giver.

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