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With so much study to get through and technology to contend with, finding a book that a teenager is guaranteed to enjoy can be a tall order. We think our selection of the best reads for teens will fill the void and get the vote ahead of consoles for post-study relaxation! These titles have been selected for teen readers and may contain content not suitable for younger readers.

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Since you've been gone

YA author Morgan Matson - whose latest novel Since You've Been Gone was published this summer - shares her favourite road trip stories, from classics to brand new books.

There's nothing I love more than travelling - especially taking road trips. My love of all things road trip was the reason I wrote my debut novel, Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, in which two teenagers travel across America, from California to the East Coast, getting lost, eating fast food, and listening to themed playlists. Read more >

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Older readers

These titles are intended for older teens and may contain content that is unsuitable for younger readers.

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