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With so much study to get through and technology to contend with, finding a book that a teenager is guaranteed to enjoy can be a tall order. We think our selection of the best reads for teens will fill the void and get the vote ahead of consoles for post-study relaxation! These titles have been selected for teen readers and may contain content not suitable for younger readers.

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If you like John Green clap your hands!

JOhn Green

With the movie adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars hitting cinemas, what does the John Green-superfan read while they wait for a new book from the YA master? Attention Nerdfighters! Darran Stobbart is here to make sure you stay awesome with some recommended reading.

Okay, so the very worst thing imaginable has come to pass. You've always known it. It was inevitable really. As you turn that final page of An Abundance of Katherines, you come to the heavy hearted realisation that you've polished off the mighty John Green's backlist.

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Since you've been gone

YA author Morgan Matson - whose latest novel Since You've Been Gone is published this week - shares her favourite road trip stories, from classics to brand new books.

There's nothing I love more than travelling - especially taking road trips. My love of all things road trip was the reason I wrote my debut novel, Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, in which two teenagers travel across America, from California to the East Coast, getting lost, eating fast food, and listening to themed playlists. Read more >

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Older readers

These titles are intended for older teens and may contain content that is unsuitable for younger readers.

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