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71 BrightRED Study Guide CFE Higher Human Biology (Paperback)

by Cara Matthews, Angela Grant, Kathleen Ritchie

Format: Paperback 96 pages
Published: 18/12/2014

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72 The Naming of the Shrew: A Curious History of Latin Names (Hardback)

by John Wright

Format: Hardback 320 pages
Published: 06/11/2014

46 days until publication

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73 Higher Biology Success Guide - Success Guide (Paperback)

by John Di Mambro, Angela Drummond

Format: Paperback 160 pages
Published: 16/12/2014

86 days until publication

74 Planet Without Apes (Paperback)

by Craig B. Stanford

Format: Paperback 272 pages
Published: 22/12/2014

92 days until publication

76 Why Can't a Woman be More Like a Man: The Evolution of Sex and Gender (Hardback)

by Lewis Wolpert

Format: Hardback 224 pages
Published: 18/09/2014

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77 Growing Plants: Plant Life Processes - Do it Yourself (Hardback)

by Anna Claybourne, Carol Ballard, Buffy Silverman, Rachel Lynette

Format: Hardback 48 pages
Published: 25/06/2008

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79 On the Origin of Species (Paperback)

by Charles Darwin, Joseph Carroll

Format: Paperback 630 pages
Published: 15/03/2003

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80 Biochemistry (Paperback)


Format: Paperback
Published: 01/07/1998

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