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21 Trek: The Universal Index (Paperback)

by Thomas Maxwell

Format: Paperback 272 pages
Published: 31/03/1994

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22 Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror: A Reader's Guide (Paperback)

by Roger Sheppard

Format: Paperback
Published: 01/06/1999

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23 The Confederation Handbook (Paperback)

by Peter F. Hamilton

Format: Paperback 1 pages
Published: 12/10/2001

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24 Hockworthy Hall (Paperback)

by Katrina Jack

Format: Paperback 172 pages
Published: 01/10/1997

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25 The Unauthorised Anne Rice Companion (Paperback)

by George Beahm, Anne Rice

Format: Paperback 264 pages
Published: 01/05/1998

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26 Tales of Ravenloft (Paperback)

by Brian Thompson

Format: Paperback 316 pages
Published: 01/03/1994

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27 The Light Ages (Paperback)

by Ian R. MacLeod

Format: Paperback 480 pages
Published: 05/04/2004

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28 An Hobad, No Anonn Agus Ar Ais Aris (Paperback)

by J. R. R. Tolkien, Nicholas Williams, Alan Titley

Format: Paperback 284 pages
Published: 25/03/2013

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29 H.G.Wells's Perennial Time Machine (Hardback)

by George Edgar Slusser, Patrick Parrinder, Daniele Chatelain

Format: Hardback 232 pages
Published: 31/08/2001

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30 War of Wenuses SSF: Volume 8: Future War Novels of the 1890s (Hardback)

by Charles L. Graves, Robert W. Cole, E.V. Lucas, Garrett Putman Serviss

Format: Hardback 531 pages
Published: 12/11/1998

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