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71 Foreign Legions

by David Drake, David Weber, Eric Flint

Format: Other book format 320 pages
Published: 01/06/2001

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72 Grantville Gazette IV

by Eric Flint

Format: Other book format 416 pages
Published: 27/07/2010

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73 The World Turned Upside Down

by David Drake, Jim Baen, Eric Flint

Format: Other book format 752 pages
Published: 01/01/2005

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74 The Trouble with Humans (Paperback)

by Eric Flint, Christopher Anvil

Format: Paperback 384 pages
Published: 07/08/2007

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75 Pyramid Power

by Eric Flint, Dave Freer

Format: Other book format 513 pages
Published: 30/09/2008

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76 The Dance of Time (Paperback)

by Eric Flint

Format: Paperback 672 pages
Published: 26/06/2007

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77 1635: Dreeson Incident: The Dreeson Incident (Hardback)

by Virginia DeMarce, Eric Flint

Format: Hardback 590 pages
Published: 02/12/2008

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78 Time Spike (Hardback)

by Eric Flint

Format: Hardback 467 pages
Published: 06/05/2008

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79 Grantville Gazette: v. 2 (Paperback)

by Eric Flint, Eric Flint

Format: Paperback 496 pages
Published: 30/10/2007

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80 Grantville Gazette: v. 5 (Hardback)

by Eric Flint

Format: Hardback 336 pages
Published: 11/08/2009

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