This year sees the centenary of the First World War, 70 years since D-Day, 700 years since Bannockburn and, of course, 1,000 years since the Battle of Clontarf and to celebrate this remarkable year of anniversaries it's History Season here at Waterstones. We have highlighted some of the very best new books in the genre, as well as some of our favourite History Blog posts. Enjoy!

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Empress Dowager Cixi

Jung Chang explains how she came to write Empress Dowager Cixi: the Concubine who Launched Modern China.

By 2007, the Chinese edition of my biography of Mao, Mao: the Unknown Story (2005, written with my husband Jon Halliday), had been published in Hong Kong - though greeted with a strict ban in mainland China. I had translated the book into my native language, added more details for Chinese readers and increased the already massive notes. My mind was beginning to turn to what to write next. Read more >

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Catastrophe by Max Hastings

Winston Churchill wrote afterwards: 'No part of the Great War compares in interest with its opening. The measured, silent drawing together of gigantic forces, the uncertainty of their movements and positions, the number of unknown and unknowable facts made the first collision a drama never surpassed. Nor was there any other period in the War when the general battle was waged on so great a scale, when the slaughter was so swift or the stakes so high. Moreover, in the beginning our faculties of wonder, horror and excitement had not been cauterized and deadened by the furnace fires of years...' Read more >

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