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1 75 Years of Marvel Comics (Hardback)

by Roy Thomas

Format: Hardback 720 pages
Published: 25/10/2014

36 days until publication

2 Marvel Masterworks: Avengers Volume 13 (Hardback)

by Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas, Steve Englehart

Format: Hardback 272 pages
Published: 02/07/2013

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3 X-men: Vol. 1 - Omnibus (Hardback)

by Stan Lee, Jay Gavin, Roy Thomas, Werner Roth, Jack Kirby, Jack Sparkling

Format: Hardback 768 pages
Published: 06/05/2009

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4 Marvel Masterworks: Defenders v. 2 (Hardback)

by Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas, Ross Andru, Sal Buscema, Gil Kane, Bob Brown, Jim Mooney, Steve Englehart, Len Wein, Tony Isabella

Format: Hardback 312 pages
Published: 26/01/2011

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5 Invaders Classic: the Complete Collection: Volume 2 (Paperback)

by Roy Thomas, Don Glut, Frank Robbins

Format: Paperback 504 pages
Published: 16/12/2014

88 days until publication

6 Captain America Epic Collection: Captain America Lives Again (Paperback)

by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Jack Kirby

Format: Paperback 488 pages
Published: 09/12/2014

81 days until publication

7 Fantastic Four/Inhumans: Atlantis Rising (Paperback)

by Roy Thomas, Tom DeFalco, Glenn Herdling

Format: Paperback 352 pages
Published: 21/01/2014

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8 Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil v. 6 (Hardback)

by Roy Thomas, Gene Colan

Format: Hardback 424 pages
Published: 24/08/2011

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9 Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Volume 16 (Hardback)

by Bill Mantlo, Roy Thomas, John Buscema

Format: Hardback 328 pages
Published: 23/09/2014

4 days until publication

10 Infinity Inc.: Generations Saga Volume 1 (Hardback)

by Joe Kubert, Roy Thomas, Jerry Ordway

Format: Hardback 192 pages
Published: 06/07/2011

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