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1 GameMastery Module: Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale

by Jason Bulmahn, Jason Bulmahn

Format: Games 32 pages
Published: 25/02/2007

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2 Pathfinder: Curse of the Crimson Throne - Escape from Old Korvosa v. 9

by Richard Pett

Format: Games 96 pages
Published: 15/04/2008

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3 Pathfinder: Issue 1: Rise of the Rune Lords

by Wayne Reynolds, James Jacobs, James Jacobs

Format: Games 96 pages
Published: 06/09/2007

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4 Agents of Freedom: A Mutants and Masterminds Sourcebook

by Scott Bennie, Ramon Perez

Format: Games 128 pages
Published: 11/12/2006

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5 GameMastery Module: Crown of the Kobold King

by Nicolas Logue, Jason Bulmahn

Format: Games 32 pages
Published: 25/12/2007

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6 Thieves' World

by Patrick O'Duffy, Gary Astleford, Aaron Rosenberg, James Ryman, Lynn Abbey, Robert J. Schwalb

Format: Games 672 pages
Published: 16/10/2006

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7 Pathfinder Module: The Godsmouth Heresy

by Rob McCreary, Paizo Staff

Format: Games 32 pages
Published: 18/01/2011

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8 Wildside Gaming System: Fantasy Role-Playing Edition

by Leigh Ronald Grossman, Tom Ronald Kidd, Tom Kidd

Format: Games 260 pages
Published: 01/08/2006

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9 Classic Spirit PVC Set

by Dark Horse Deluxe, Dark Horse Deluxe

Format: Games
Published: 24/09/2008

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10 GameMastery Module: Into the Haunted Forest

by Greg A. Vaughan

Format: Games 16 pages
Published: 21/11/2007

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