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61 Unsolved Victorian Murders (Hardback)

by Jonathan Sutherland

Format: Hardback 192 pages
Published: 01/09/2002

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62 Blake's Classic True Crime Compendium: v.1 (Paperback)

by Drew MacKenzie, John Lightfoot

Format: Paperback 352 pages
Published: 30/11/2003

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63 The Rachel Files (Paperback)

by Keith Pedder

Format: Paperback 430 pages
Published: 22/07/2002

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64 Silencing the Lone Assassin: The Murders of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald (Hardback)

by John Canal

Format: Hardback 208 pages
Published: 01/06/2000

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65 Crossing to Kill: The True Story of the Serial-killer Playground (Paperback)

by Simon Whitechapel

Format: Paperback 304 pages
Published: 09/03/2000

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66 Texas Justice: Bought and Paid for (Paperback)

by Mona D. Sizer

Format: Paperback 246 pages
Published: 01/08/2000

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67 In the Company of Killers - Blake's True Crime Library (Paperback)

by Norman Parker

Format: Paperback 311 pages
Published: 01/07/1999

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68 Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned (Hardback)

by Wensley Clarkson

Format: Hardback 288 pages
Published: 15/09/2003

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69 Burning Poison: The Murder That Rocked Georgian Liverpool (Hardback)

by Glenn Chandler

Format: Hardback 206 pages
Published: 12/09/2000

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70 Stealing from the Rich: The Home-stake Oil Swindle (Hardback)

by David McClintick

Format: Hardback 335 pages
Published: 10/11/1977

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