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1 Faith Under Fire: What the Middle East Conflict Has Taught Me About God (Paperback)

by Andrew White

Format: Paperback 170 pages
Published: 01/03/2011

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2 Gandhi: A Spiritual Biography (Paperback)

by Arvind Sharma

Format: Paperback 264 pages
Published: 31/10/2014

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3 Douthwaite of the Double Dragon (Paperback)

by John D. Owen, Diana C. Morgan

Format: Paperback 176 pages
Published: 01/03/2007

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4 The Memoirs of Jin Luxian: Learning and Relearning, 1916-1982 (Paperback)

by Jin Luxian

Format: Paperback 332 pages
Published: 06/11/2012

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5 Ghazali: The Revival of Islam - Makers of the Muslim World (Hardback)

by Eric L. Ormsby

Format: Hardback 160 pages
Published: 12/12/2007

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6 The Heavenly Man (Hardback)

by Brother Yun, Paul Hattaway

Format: Hardback 336 pages
Published: 01/11/2009

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7 Time: Mother Teresa: The Life and Works of a Modern Saint (Hardback)

by David Van Biema

Format: Hardback 96 pages
Published: 02/08/2010

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8 Life of Hsuan Tsang (Hardback)

by Ts'Ung Yen, Li Hui, Lokesh Chandra, Li Yung-Hsi

Format: Hardback 294 pages
Published: 01/08/2007

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9 Sailing Through Acts: Across the Mediterranean in the Wake of St. Paul (Paperback)

by Linford Stutzman

Format: Paperback 336 pages
Published: 01/07/2007

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10 Blood Brothers: The Dramatic Story of a Palestinian Christian Working for Peace in Israel (Paperback)

by Elias Chacour, David Hazard

Format: Paperback 240 pages
Published: 01/05/2013

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