Rachel Cooke

Role Models: Rachel Cooke

Rachel Cooke, whose new book Her Brilliant Career charts the pioneering professional lives of ten extraordinary women in the 1950s, explains how her own career was influenced by a slightly unconventional role model... Read more
Kate Adie

Kate Adie on Fighting on the Home Front

Ahead of her event today at Cheltenham, we caught up with Kate Adie at our Piccadilly bookshop to talk about the vital, and rarely fully recognised role of women on the Home Front during World War One... Read more
Peggy Riley crop

Women & cults

Peggy Riley, whose novel, Amity & Sorrow features a fundamentalist, polygamous cult made up of one man and his fifty wives, discusses the place of women in cults and more conventional religion. Read more


Notes on a scandal

From the controversy surrounding J.K. Rowling's outing as leading a double authorial life to claims that the Fifty Shades trilogy romanticised violence toward women, books still have the power to create debate. Matthew Humpage, from our Inverness bookshop asks is there such a thing as bad publicity in publishing? Read more