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Ultimate Writer: The rise to glory

The final battle is drawing ever closer now, and as our two survivors Neil Gaiman and Stephen King make their way towards each other though the literary universe to meet in a cosmic and terrifying clash of words, we take a look at just how they got here. Read more
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

16 #BuzzfeedBooks You Have To Read Before You Die

The correct way to market books is an ongoing debate. TV adverts? Book trailers? Posters at railway stations? Book clubs and word of mouth? It's a puzzler. But it seems to us that the most obvious and successful way is to do what everyone else is doing and copy Buzzfeed. We asked Twitter for books as written by Buzzfeed headline writers and now we've solved every marketing problem for the entire publishing industry. So here you are, 16 #BuzzfeedBooks you have to read before you die. Read more
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Twauthors – The best authors on Twitter

It’s no surprise that authors have taken to Twitter, an almost entirely text-based medium. With Stephen King joining Twitter the other day and taking all the attention, we thought it only fair to take a moment to highlight some of our favourite authors who have been tweeting long before King decided it was time to further enrage Jonathan Franzen. And, it should go without saying, #ff. Read more