My top 5 books on Italy

Travellers have always been thrilled by the sight of citrus in Italy, where dark leaves and bright fruit seem to charge the landscape, making the trees symbols of a sun-soaked, poetic vision of the country. Citrus also holds a special place in the Italian imagination, and in The Land Where Lemons Grow, Helena Attlee sets out to explore its curious past and its enduring resonance in Italian culture. Here she takes us through some of her favourite books on Italy. Read more
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Go here. Read this.

Have the first week back at work blues hit you hard? Time to start planning your holiday - so here's five places to go, things to do, and books to read whilst you're there... Read more

Maeve’s Times

Fans of Maeve Binchy, who sadly died last year, can look forward to a new collection of her journalistic musings in Maeve's Times - and we have an extract to share with you... Read more
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Tony Wheeler on 40 years of Lonely Planet

Writing exclusively for Waterstones blog, Tony Wheeler, co-founder of Lonely Planet takes a look back at how far he, and the series have come in the past forty years. Plus you can take a look at the very first Lonely Planet guide and enter our competition to win a ten day Turkish adventure...  Read more