Royal Irish Rifles battle WWI

WWI: A history in fiction

On the 100th anniversary of Britain's entry into World War I, Richard Lee, founder of the Historical Novel Society, looks at fictional accounts of the Great War that are read today. Read more
Jeeves and the Wedding Bells

Bringing Wodehouse to a new generation

Alongside the publication this week of a brand new Jeeves and Wooster novel, Jeeves And The Wedding Bells, written as an homage to P.G. Wodehouse by Sebastian Faulks, the entire back-list has been given a new look. Jacket designer Natascha Nel tells us how she approached the job, and shares some of her favourites... Read more

“The name’s Skyfall. Not Carte Blanche or Devil May Care…”

Skyfall the latest James Bond blockbuster, and twenty-third in the series' fifty year run, has met with generally positive reviews from critics and fans alike. It's a nostalgia-laden adventure that draws heavily from the classic films that have gone before whilst telling an original and in some ways quite small story. Yet, why choose to tell this story rather drawing on the new Bond novels from the likes of Jefferey Deaver and Sebastian Faulks for inspiration? Read more