Review of the Year 2014: Part Two

In the second part of our round-up of the year, authors battled it out in the Ultimate Writer contest, the Tour de France came to Yorkshire and ice-buckets splashed over the heads of our favourite writers. It was a truly spectacular summer. Let's take a look at the booky highlights from May through to August 2014. Read more
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Anne Elliot’s Persuasiveness

Louisa Hall - author of The Carriage House - considers how, after an initially cool response, she became fascinated by Anne Elliot - a character who would ultimately contribute greatly to her writing. Read more
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Films you didn’t know were based on books

It’s no secret that Hollywood constantly takes ideas from the book industry (as our Oxford Street store pointed out during the Oscars) but there are plenty of adaptations that are nowhere near as high-profile as their award-nominated brethren. Did you know that Shrek and Who Framed Roger Rabbit were originally books? And about Alfred Hitchcock’s predilection for putting words to the screen? If you didn’t, and anyone who said they did is lying, here are some film adaptations that began started off as the finer medium in life. Read more
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A further fourteen fantastic first lines

Jonathan O'Brien recently ran a short post about some of his favourite first lines on the Waterstones Oxford Street tumblr (you can see that list here)- and he definitely didn’t get too excited and phone his mother when it hit the front page of Reddit (She had no idea what Reddit was and just seemed confused, but pleased, at his happiness). Fourteen didn’t seem enough in the original piece so, to maintain the satisfyingly alliterative titles (and to appease the Redditors who got angry about the books we missed off), here’s fourteen more fantastic first lines. Read more
Jane Austen

Cheat sheet… Jane Austen

It's Tuesday, so we're pleased to bring you another in our weekly series of quick guides to great authors. This week we're taking a look at Jane Austen... Read more