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Read A Song for Issy Bradley

Carys Bray introduces the first chapter of her debut novel A Song for Issy Bradley - described by Costa Book of the Year Winner Nathan Filer as "compelling and profoundly moving." Read more
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A connection with the past

Amanda Brooke, author of Yesterday's Sun explains how her latest novel - Where I Found You - was born from a moment of quiet reflection in her own life. Read more
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Knowing when to stop

From Alexandre Dumas to Stephanie Meyer, there's always an appetite for sequels which authors and their publishers have been willing to capitalise on. But how does an author know when to stop before they end up with the literary equivalent of Star Wars Episodes I-III? When Mark Lawrence found himself facing this problem with his Broken Empire series he chose to tackle it through a simple mantra - "character is the story". Read more
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The Second Life of Sally Mottram

The bestselling author and creator of Henry Pratt and Reggie Perrin, David Nobbs discusses how he approached the milestone of his twentieth novel, The Second Life of Sally Mottram. Read more
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“So how’s the novel?”

Louisa Young, author of the bestselling My Dear, I Wanted to Tell You, found one question coming up again and again whilst writing its sequel - but how to answer it? Read more
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Book Club – Almost English

Charlotte Mendelson introduces her Man Booker Prize longlisted novel Almost English, our Book Club book of the week, by recalling how her own teenage years were blighted by naivety before she found her way to knowledge and happiness. Read more
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The Roald Dahl audiobooks experience

What does it take to make an audiobook of Roald Dahl's stories? How do you choose the perfect narrator? What about sound effects and music? And how do you bring it all together to complement a reader's own imagined version of such well loved characters and worlds? Roy McMillan - Audiobooks Producer - and Ravina Bajwa - of Penguin Random House Audio - reveal all. Read more