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Read Horns

Read the first two chapters of the book behind Daniel Radcliffe's new film, Horns by Joe Hill. Read more
True Detective reading list

A True Detective reading list

Are you a fan of HBO’s bleak and unsettling brilliance that is True Detective? Did you, like us, get hooked then miss the last episode, forcing you to hide in a cave to avoid spoilers? Well, the existential drama - which follows detectives Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson) as they try to solve a case of brutal, bizarre and ritualistic murders in Southern Louisiana, is finally out to buy on Monday 9th June. We've pulled together some of the dark, atmospheric Southern gothic books that influenced it... Read more
Wes Anderson

Michael Chabon on Wes Anderson

With Grand Budapest Hotel out this week, Michael Chabon explains how the intricately detailed films of Wes Anderson set him apart from his peers by capturing the whole world, frame by frame...   Read more

Adaptations: The Wolf of Wall Street

Matthew O’Donoghue continues his series on big screen adaptations with a look at  The Wolf of Wall Street and (a)morality tales - there's also an extract from the book itself to enjoy... Read more
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Adaptations: Inside Llewyn Davis

In the first of a new series, Matthew O'Donoghue considers the transformation which a story undergoes as it moves from book to screen, and introduces an extract from The Mayor of MacDougal Street - the memoir which became the Coen brothers' latest film, Inside Llewyn Davis...

Read more
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King on Carrie

With a new film adaptation out today, Stephen King describes the inspiration behind Carrie, the book which changed his life and set him on the road to becoming the bestselling author he is today... Read more
The Explorer

James Smythe on Gravity

Acclaimed SF author James Smythe looks at the shared sense of fear in his novel The Explorer and the blockbuster movie of the moment Gravity... Read more
Hatchet Job

Mark Kermode: Hatchet Job

Through his blog, tweets, columns, books, radio and television programmes and podcasts leading film critic Mark Kermode has an enviable audience of millions. Our own Dominic Kennerk spoke to him about his latest book, Hatchet Job, which investigates and celebrates the current position of film criticism in an internet age crowded with enthusiastic amateurs... Read more
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Northern Soul: An Introduction

Northern Soul: An Illustrated History captures the youthful exuberance, the dancing and decadence, the power and the passion, and most importantly the people and the music that made the cult of Northern Soul. Read the book's introduction and listen to our Spotify playlist to relive those nights at Wigan Casino, or just to find out what all the fuss was about... Read more

Cold weather, hot paperbacks…

January can sometimes be a quiet time in the world of publishing but 2013 is bucking the trend and seeing the release of some truly fantastic paperbacks. But where do you begin when there is so much choice? Well here's our very own Cara Fielder's top five paperbacks that are going to be shooting up the bestseller list this January... Read more

“The name’s Skyfall. Not Carte Blanche or Devil May Care…”

Skyfall the latest James Bond blockbuster, and twenty-third in the series' fifty year run, has met with generally positive reviews from critics and fans alike. It's a nostalgia-laden adventure that draws heavily from the classic films that have gone before whilst telling an original and in some ways quite small story. Yet, why choose to tell this story rather drawing on the new Bond novels from the likes of Jefferey Deaver and Sebastian Faulks for inspiration? Read more