Mother’s Day

It's Mother's Day! So it's time to get some flowers! Or chocolates! Or perfume! Or all the other things that every mum in the world likes! Because women like flowers and men like football and there's no room for anybody in between. But, on the million to one chance that your mother, or any other woman in your life, has an interest in history or politics or music or all those other topics that everybody knows only interest men, we've put together a selection of possible presents for your mum. N.B. The above statement may contain irony. Read more

Adaptations: The Wolf of Wall Street

Matthew O’Donoghue continues his series on big screen adaptations with a look at  The Wolf of Wall Street and (a)morality tales - there's also an extract from the book itself to enjoy... Read more

I am Malala

A year ago, a sixteen year-old was shot in the head and neck in an assassination attempt as she travelled home on her school bus. Today, Malala Yousafzai's publisher Arzu Tahsin explains why I Am Malala is a memoir of an extraordinary individual which demands your attention... Read more

The John Lennon Letters

The John Lennon Letters brings together some three hundred letters and postcards from John to friends, fans, loves and even the laundry - many illustrated in his own humorous style. Take a look at this letter from John to his first wife Cynthia on their first Christmas... Read more

Writing Jobs

Walter Isaacson's stunning biography of Steve Jobs is finally (almost) as portable as your iPhone now it's out in paperback. In our extract, you can read how he came to write it... Read more

My first meeting with Uri Geller

Investigative journalist Jonathan Margolis' new book might well be the strangest story ever told - that of Uri Geller: the CIA masterspy. Here he tells of his first meeting with the mystic enigma... Read more