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Codename Strömer

For Peter Millar the fall of the Berlin Wall brought confirmation that he had been spied on the whole time, and the surreal experience of reading his own Stasi file... Read more
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Read Red Love

Read an extract from Maxim Leo's Red Love: The Story of an East German Family where the author his recalls arrest and interrogation... Read more

Read Look Who’s Back

A runaway bestseller already in Germany, where it has sold over a million copies since its publication in 2012, Timur Vermes' satirical novel Look Who's Back (translated by Jamie Bulloch) sees a rather confused Adolf Hitler return to modern day Germany... Read more
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Go here. Read this.

Have the first week back at work blues hit you hard? Time to start planning your holiday - so here's five places to go, things to do, and books to read whilst you're there... Read more