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10 things you don’t know about London

Martin Latham knows a thing or two about the capital - which is probably not surprising since he's the author of Londonopolis: A Curious History of London. To be getting on with, here's his ten truly surprising facts about the city. Read more
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The Devils’ Alliance

Seventy-five years ago today an unlikely partnership was born when Adolf Hitler allied the Nazi state with Joseph Stalin's Soviet Russia. Historian Roger Moorhouse explains why this event - often little more than a footnote in the narrative of World War Two - was so crucial: not only defining a third of the war, but also going some way to start it. Read more

Read Look Who’s Back

A runaway bestseller already in Germany, where it has sold over a million copies since its publication in 2012, Timur Vermes' satirical novel Look Who's Back (translated by Jamie Bulloch) sees a rather confused Adolf Hitler return to modern day Germany... Read more