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Read Sapiens

One book we're very excited about that's coming this autumn is Yuval Noah Harari's Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind. Here's an extract and a beautiful video to get a flavour of it. Read more
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Why publishers still matter

At a time when it has never been easier to self-publish, what is the value of a publisher? Are they redundant in this brave new world? Sam Jordison explains how conventional publishers, and particularly independents with distinct characters like his own Galley Beggar Press, are perhaps needed now more than ever. Read more
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On the Home Front

With the Imperial War Museum London reopening this Saturday, their Senior Historian Terry Charman shares some of the stories which defined life on the Home Front during the First World War. Read more
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Read Last Man Off

Matt Lewis introduces an extract from his first hand account of disaster on the Antarctic seas - Last Man Off, Radio 4's Book of the Week this week. Read more
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Shocking Brazil

Fernando Duarte's book Shocking Brazil chronicles six crucial defeats suffered by the Brazillian national team. After last night's game, he's hard at work on another chapter. In the meantime, enjoy this extended extract where he all but predicts that a crushing defeat was on the horizon. Read more
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Spinning The Recipe Wheel

Rosie Ramsden introduces her innovative new cookbook, The Recipe Wheel, and shares a delicious Salted pistachio chocolate cake - and a playlist of music to listen to while you make it. Read more
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A Puffin Book Quiz

A Puffin Book quiz crop

Our Week in Books Quiz has been taken over by Puffins! How tall is a Borrower? Which rabbit had premonitions in Watership Down? This and more in A Puffin Book Quiz!

Read more
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Recipe: Devil’s Food Cake

Sarah Vaughan, author of the novel The Art of Baking Blind, shares a chocolately family favourite and explains how the idea of a personal "signature bake" inspired her book. Read more
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A Tour de France reading list

With the Leeds to Harrogate leg of the Tour de France marking the start of the greatest race on two wheels this Saturday, we wanted to bring you our selection of the best bike books about. Read more
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Reading festivals

(Pronounced "reeding" not "reding"- get it?) Festival season kicks off today at Glastonbury, and last we heard the rain had just stopped, briefly. If you'd rather stay in doors, in the warm and dry here's our essential festival reading list... Read more
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Birth School Metallica Death

With Metallica about to show Glastonbury how it's done tomorrow night, we revisit the release of their seminal album Master of Puppets in this extract from Birth School Metallica Death: Volume II by Paul Brannigan and Ian Winwood. Read more
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Norwich – A Fine City (of Literature)

Norwich is a city of spires, rivers, great pubs, excellent coffee shops, but, most importantly, it is England’s first UNESCO City of Literature. Rowan Whiteside from our Norwich bookshop shares a just some of its literary achievements. Read more
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Nowhere Men are people too

We spoke to Michael Calvin, author of this year's Times Sports Book of the Year award about his compassionate look at the lives of football's talent spotters - The Nowhere Men. Read more