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Awful Auntie: Part 3

In our third extract from David Walliams' upcoming new book Awful Auntie we find out just how ghastly Aunt Alberta was even when she was growing up... Read more
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Awful Auntie: Part 2

After meeting Awful Auntie, Aunt Alberta, in our first extract from David Walliams' upcoming brilliant book, you may be wondering exactly why she's so horrid. Well, wonder no longer! Read more
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Awful Auntie: Part 1

Have you got an Awful Auntie? No matter how bad they are, they're nothing on Aunt Alberta, as you'll find out in the first of four extracts from David Walliams' latest brilliant book! Read more
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Where’s Spot?

Spot is on holiday! If you can work out where everyone's favourite adventurous pup is form the postcard he's sent us there are prizes to be won! Read more
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Happy Roald Dahl Day!

Happy Roald Dahl Day! There's all sorts going on to celebrate, and our friends at Puffin have put together this rather marvellous quiz to help you discover which Roald Dahl character you are... Read more
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James Dashner’s 5 Maze Runner Inspirations

Coming to cinemas in the UK this October, James Dashner's dystopian epic- and our Children's Book of the Month - The Maze Runner owes its inspiration to some classic films, books, TV shows and... - well, we'll let him explain. Read more
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Violet and the Pearl of the Orient

Designer Jane Buckley shares the evolution of her jacket for Harriet Whitehorn’s quirky detective début, Violet and the Pearl of the OrientWarning: contains scenes of cat obsession and spaghetti-eating!                                          Read more
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The Big Book Season: 28th August

Thursday 28th August. A day like any other. Or is it? Today is the first of a flurry of big book publishing days. Read on for our round-up of the best new books hitting the shelves today. Read more
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Authors take the #IceBucketChallenge

It's the charitable craze that's taken the internet by ice-cold storm--er, wave. Amanda Stevenson clues us in on some of the book world's finest who, among the A-list celebrities, politicians, and your Facebook feed frenzied friends, have taken the #IceBucketChallenge for ALS... Read more
David ODoherty


WARNING! DANGER! IT'S EVERYWHERE! But never fear David O'Doherty is here to explain how he harnessed his terror to create his new book Danger is Everywhere! - with illustrator Chris Judge. Who knew polar bears like card tricks? Read more
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Book Clinic: Goodnight Books

Trying to get young children into bed and sound asleep is not always the easiest task of the day, whether it’s “Just five more minutes, pleeease,” nighttime worries, or little ones that just don’t seem able to nod off. But do not fear: here are some of Isabel Popple's favourite goodnight, getting-ready-for-bed and afraid-of-the-dark books to help the process along. Read more

Opening Pandora’s box (of chocolates)

We're excited to reveal the jacket for the final book in Cathy Cassidy's Chocolate Box Girls series, Fortune Cookie, and explain why, in this series' case, you can judge its books by their covers... Read more