Books you love: 6th – 13th August

You lovely people - you've written over 100,000 reviews on! To show our appreciation, and because so many of them are too good to miss, we're rewarding the best review we receive each week. Read more
A Puffin Book quiz crop

A Puffin Book Quiz

A Puffin Book quiz crop

Our Week in Books Quiz has been taken over by Puffins! How tall is a Borrower? Which rabbit had premonitions in Watership Down? This and more in A Puffin Book Quiz!

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What’s eating Darren Shan?

With the latest in his deliciously deadly Zom-B series out this week, we speak to master of horror Darren Shan about the story so far - and where he's taking us next. Read more
Bike in York shop

A Tour de France reading list

With the Leeds to Harrogate leg of the Tour de France marking the start of the greatest race on two wheels this Saturday, we wanted to bring you our selection of the best bike books about. Read more
Ultimate Writer crop

Ultimate Writer: The rise to glory

The final battle is drawing ever closer now, and as our two survivors Neil Gaiman and Stephen King make their way towards each other though the literary universe to meet in a cosmic and terrifying clash of words, we take a look at just how they got here. Read more
Nowhere Men crop

Nowhere Men are people too

We spoke to Michael Calvin, author of this year's Times Sports Book of the Year award about his compassionate look at the lives of football's talent spotters - The Nowhere Men. Read more
Supertato crop

Get super creative with Supertato!

We want you to play with your food! We're teaming up with children's author and illustrator Sue Hendra to launch a "veggie" special creative competition to celebrate the arrival of Supertato... Read more
Long Mars crop

Read The Long Mars

Read the first chapter of The Long Mars - the third book in Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter's science fiction epic, The Long Earth. Read more
True Detective reading list

A True Detective reading list

Are you a fan of HBO’s bleak and unsettling brilliance that is True Detective? Did you, like us, get hooked then miss the last episode, forcing you to hide in a cave to avoid spoilers? Well, the existential drama - which follows detectives Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson) as they try to solve a case of brutal, bizarre and ritualistic murders in Southern Louisiana, is finally out to buy on Monday 9th June. We've pulled together some of the dark, atmospheric Southern gothic books that influenced it... Read more