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Recipe: Butter & Sage Gnudi

Jamie Oliver's latest offering - Jamie's Comfort Food - focusses on food that makes you feel happy. Well, this recipe for butter and sage gnudi has certainly put a smile on our faces. Read more
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Creating 24 Hours at Waterloo

Robert Kershaw explains how a chess set inspired his unconventional new narrative of one of history's great battles, which features unexpected perspectives and an hour by hour "virtual reality TV" style. Read more
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Goal kicks in America

In the 1970s, a US football league starring Pele, Cruyff and Beckenbauer briefly shone, then failed. Ian Plenderleith’s new book, Rock 'n' Roll Soccer, explains the multi-layered legacy of the unique and fascinating North American Soccer League. Read more
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London’s coolest gin distillers

It may surprise you that Olivia Williams, author of Gin Glorious Gin, knows quite a bit about the drink formerly known as "Mother's Ruin". Here's her low down on the best gin distilleries in the capital - just in time for a Friday afternoon tipple. Her research must have been fun. Read more
Violet and Pearl of Orient crop

Violet and the Pearl of the Orient

Designer Jane Buckley shares the evolution of her jacket for Harriet Whitehorn’s quirky detective début, Violet and the Pearl of the OrientWarning: contains scenes of cat obsession and spaghetti-eating!                                          Read more
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Ask Atwood: The Answers

We asked our Twitter followers for questions to ask Margaret Atwood - and today, on the publication of her new collection of tales, Stone Mattress - here are her answers to some of our favourites. Read more
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Read The Paying Guests – Chapter 2

Following on from our exclusive first chapter, here's a chance to read the second chapter from Sarah WatersThe Paying Guests, which is out tomorrow - plus watch the author discuss the book. Read more
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Yorkshire gets Sherlocked

What's the collective noun for a group of Sherlocks? We're going to go with "a deerstalker". Kelly Smith, from our Leeds Bookshop, writes in anticipation of the Yorkshire Brain Research Centre's attempt to break the world record for the largest deerstalker of Sherlocks ever assembled. Read more
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Fourteen years to become a début novelist

Stephanie Lam this week becomes a début novelist as her book The Mysterious Affair at Castaway House hits the shelves - fourteen years after she wrote it. How did she manage to get through the years of rejection - and what does it feel like to finally be a published author? Read more
David ODoherty


WARNING! DANGER! IT'S EVERYWHERE! But never fear David O'Doherty is here to explain how he harnessed his terror to create his new book Danger is Everywhere! - with illustrator Chris Judge. Who knew polar bears like card tricks? Read more
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Book Club: Lawson vs. Lawson

The broadcaster and journalist Mark Lawson talks to the novelist Mark Lawson about The Deaths, a novel that combines satire and crime story. No, that's not a typo. Read more
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Read Augustus: From Revolutionary to Emperor

On the 2000th anniversary of his death, Adrian Goldsworthy introduces his new biography Augustus: From Revolutionary to Emperor and ponders why, unlike figures like Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, the first Imperator of Rome remains absent from wider public knowledge despite his great and lasting importance. Read more
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En Brogue

Hannah Rochell, features editor of InStyle magazine, explains how she came to opt for a high-heel-less life and walk on the flat, en brogue or otherwise. Read more