Which terrible literary mother are you?

As her new novel Dear Daughter attests – Elizabeth Little knows a terrible mother when she writes, or reads, one. Try her quiz to find out which terrible literary mother you are.


Janie Jenkins owes her mother everything. Her looks. Her money. Her murder conviction.

Dear Daughter, my new novel (read an extract), is about many things—sex, greed, celebrity, make-up tips—but at its core is the tempestuous relationship between a strong-willed, sharp-tongued girl and the brittle, mercurial mother she just might have murdered. And so, over the course of writing it, I found myself spending a great deal of time thinking about Terrible Literary Mothers: how they’re portrayed, why we’re so consistently compelled to write about them, and whether they’re really as bad as we think they are.

(Or, maybe, whether they’re worse.)

Because I’m technically a Millenial and, therefore, online quizzes are how I interface with the world, I put together a little test to help me get in touch with my own inner Terrible Literary Mother—which I thought I’d share with you.

Elizabeth Little, for Waterstones.com/blog





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