Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying Of The Light – Black Edition

There’s Skulduggery afoot as Derek Landy announces Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying Of The Light – The Black Edition – only available for discovery in Waterstones bookshops… Find out more and how you can get your hands on it.


“For the final book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series,” Derek Landy said, “I wanted to make it as special as possible. We have our fantastic, wonderful, jaw-dropping regular cover, and we have our stunning, amazing, awe-inducing Limited Edition cover. And now, for our final revelation, with a huge thanks to our friends at Waterstones, we have the Black Edition — but fans will need to prove themselves to get hold of a copy.”

The Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying Of The Light – Black Edition, which will be available on 28th August, is limited to 1000 copies and features an alternate black cover design as well as details of an exclusive competition – giving readers the chance to have lunch with Mr Landy himself!

But, super-fans are going to have to FIND the books first… Unlike the other editions, the Black Edition is not available online or in any other bookshops. All Waterstones stores* will receive a limited number of copies, but they’ll be shelved along with lots of other books in the Children’s section, rather than placed on a table or at the front of the shop. It’s first come, first served with no reservations or pre-orders and just one copy per person.

So, write it in your diary, set *all* the alarms on your phone, scrawl it on your bedroom wall in marker pen, tweet it as a daily mantra and generally just tell everyone you’ve ever met to remind you to get down to your local Waterstones on 28th August to get your hands on Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying Of The Light – The Black Edition!

Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying Of The Light – The Black Edition is published 28th August, priced £14.99.

*Available in all Waterstones bookshops, except Amsterdam and Brussels.

Skulduggery Pleasant The Dying of the Light
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40 thoughts on “Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying Of The Light – Black Edition

  1. I cannot deal with this. I’ve already ordered my signed edition! I might get both… Which do I choose?! I’m kinda glad I live in a tiny town, where nobody reads SP. Maybe nobody will notice the Black Edition on the shelves…

  2. Omg there’s no stores in Australia! I’m already getting the limited edition cover but I want that one so bad, it’s beautiful! Living in Australia has been struggle the entire time I’ve been following this series D:

  3. Why none in Amsterdam! I was so happy we had the store, why not just have some copies there T-T
    I wanted this one so badly.

    • Not sure if trolling because sadly you can’t order the black edition in any way, it won’t even show on the waterstones site, it can only be found in store.

  4. After standing outside Waterstones for the sake of my child, I was expecting something glorious.
    The black rubs off on your hands and the covers are slightly scratched through packing and handling.
    There isn’t even a limited edition number on the spine, which is highly disappointing.
    Also there is nothing to signify to future generations that this was a limited edition.
    Sad, sad, sad and I’m rather disappointed for all of the children that have been anxiously awaiting this so-called ‘awe-inducing’ edition…..

    • I was so happy when my sister managed to get me a copy today but upon closer inspection I noticed a lot of scratches and permanent smudges on the cover. I thought I was just unlucky to receive a bad copy but maybe there were more books in conditions like ours.

      So disappointed especially as this was supposed to be the ultimate edition of the final book. And I agree there really should be somewhere on the book which actually mentions it’s a limited edition cover.

      And finally I’m hearing reports that people who were unable to obtain a copy are asking for further reprints, and I for one most certainly hope this does not happen as it’s a limited edition and should remain so

  5. My son is soooo happy that he managed to find a copy. Doesn’t matter if it has nothing signifying its limited status – getting it signed next week when Derek comes to Newcastle!

  6. BOOM got my limited edition, signed version of the book no smudges or scratches the black doesn’t rub off and the book looks amazing, in perfect mint condition and came in an unopened sealed bag that kept in mint condition, due to the quality of this limited version i have decided to leave the limited edition in its sealed bag and buy a normal version because it just looks too good. Derek Landy love the book especially the dedication at the front of the book classic :D

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