Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying of the Light

Skulduggery fans - Derek Landy has something to reveal…


It’s over.

The first Skulduggery Pleasant book was published in 2007 and now, seven years later, the ninth and final volume is soon to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Whilst I fully expect to be shattered beyond belief by the time the book hits the shelves on the 28th August, at the same time I am incredibly excited about seeing it in the hands of the readers.

And what a pretty book it will be.

The covers for Skulduggery have always been, in my unbiased opinion, the best out there. Our cover artist, Tom Percival, turns out astonishing works of art that perfectly convey the sense of fun and adventure — not to mention the darkness and the horror — that the series has sought to embrace from the very beginning. And for the final book, we thought we’d do something special for our friends at Waterstones.

The cover for The Dying of the Light has already been revealed (to much gasping and weeping and general emotional trauma), but Waterstones will also be stocking a special, signed, limited edition of 5,000 copies with an alternate — almost photo-negative — cover.

Behold the awesomeness.

The Dying of the Light Waterstones exclusive

You can pre-order this limited edition, while stocks last, from any Waterstones branch as of right now. Printed over silver foil, it will shimmer and shine, dazzle your friends and stun your enemies.

And finally, your life will be complete.


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The limited edition signed version of Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying of the Light is no longer available on



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  2. I thought Waterstones were going to hide the limited editions within stores for fans to find and buy? is this correct, or all they all pre-ordered?

  3. I have ordered one of these to be delivered to me in Australia, but I am curious- are they actually all individually hand signed, or are they just reprints of his signature?

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