How to make an Origami Princess Leia

Whilst the Origami Rebellion continues at McQuarrie Middle School, we’ve the chance for you to learn to create your own Princess Leia – from just a piece of paper…

In the latest entry in the Origami Yoda series, Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue, Tom Angleberger mixes the adventures of students at McQuarrie Middle School with characters from the Star Wars universe… and origami.


Watch the video or skip straight to the steps below to learn how to make your own paper princess…



How to Fold Princess Labelmaker 1


How to Fold Princess Labelmaker 2




 Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue - Origami Yoda Series 5

You can buy Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue online at (


Share pictures of your own Origami Yoda creations in our comments section…



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