Road to Reckoning crop

The road to design

Book jacket designer Nico Taylor describes the evolution of the striking die-cut jacket for Robert Lautner's gritty western adventure The Road to Reckoning... Read more
Justin Bieber

Books for Bieber

Oh, Justin. We just want you to calm down a little. Stop it with the parties, the speeding, the drink, the drugs. Why not take a bit of time out? Sit down next to one of the many open fires in your no doubt gigantic house and relax. You can live out your angry teenage years through books and in the comfort of your own home! It’s certainly one sure fire way to make sure that the police leave you alone. Sounds good? Brilliant. We’ve got a few suggestions for you, Justin. Read more
The Verdict crop

The Dick Whittington Blues

Why should America have the monopoly on legal thrillers? Nick Stone's new novel shows that London can prove the perfect location for drama in and out of the court room... Read more
A Song for the Dying crop

Listening to whispers… Stuart MacBride

Bestselling crime writer Stuart MacBride may have taken a risk ditching his best known characters for his latest book A Song for the Dying, but, as he explains, it was a chance to explore an even darker story...   Read more
The Echo crop

Out of strange places…

From Cronenberg to Christie, via Eugenides and King, James Smythe tells us about the echoes of uncommon inspirations in his latest science fiction novel... Read more