Get set for Stoptober

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Stoptober, a national campaign to get smokers to try to give up for the entire month of October.

To help you or anyone you know who may be taking part, we’ve pulled together three of the best books to help make the month smoke-free.

Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking

A perennial bestseller since its publication in 1985, Allen Carr himself went from smoking a hundred cigarettes a day to being the quit-guru. His writing leads the smoker to see that each cigarette only serves to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms from the previous one, and ultimately to break free from this self-perpetuating addiction.


Quit Smoking Today Without Gaining Weight

Paul McKenna is one of the best-selling self-help writers in the UK, helping people get thinner, be more confident, and even apparently richer. It can’t be argued that stopping smoking is certainly a way to save money, and therefore technically be richer, but an often quoted worry of smokers is that quitting will mean they’ll put on weight. McKenna’s book and CD works through a simple system to help you quit without piling on pounds.

Stop Smoking in One Hour

Susan Hepburn’s book comes with a CD of hypnotherapy which will work to build your will power and help you to give up. She promises no withdrawal symptoms such as increased weight and irritability, and that you’ll begin to feel your general health improve in no time at all. More than any of the above books, Hepburn relies on you having a real desire to quit, but works to build your confidence to commit to a smoke-free lifestyle where you may have failed before.

However you or a smoker you know chooses to approach Stoptober, we wish you the very best of luck.

Visit the NHS Stoptober website for more help and information.

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