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So, you want to be a writer?

Are you sure? Writing involves a lot of staring at screens, making stupid gesticulations as you try to find the right word, self-loathing, drinking to forget, rejection after rejection and very little money. Still here? Okay, Rowan Whiteside from our Norwich bookshop with her pick of the best creative writing books. Read more

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Shocking Brazil

Fernando Duarte's book Shocking Brazil chronicles six crucial defeats suffered by the Brazillian national team. After last night's game, he's hard at work on another chapter. In the meantime, enjoy this extended extract where he all but predicts that a crushing defeat was on the horizon. Read more

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Read Landline (part 4)

The fourth and final extract from Rainbow Rowell's Landline - a love story about one woman’s mission to save her marriage, with a little help from a magic telephone...  Read more
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Remaking history

Alex Preston explains how he went about fictionalising history in his latest novel In Love and War, and in particular his approach to the challenge of creating fictionalised versions of real life people - including the writer, Norman Douglas. Read more

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Dealing with the Past

Ben Fergusson explains how his novel The Spring of Kasper Meier is part of an ongoing tradition of literature which explores Vergangenheitsbewältigung - Germany's continuing attempts to come to terms with its past. Read more

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Spinning The Recipe Wheel

Rosie Ramsden introduces her innovative new cookbook, The Recipe Wheel, and shares a delicious Salted pistachio chocolate cake - and a playlist of music to listen to while you make it. Read more

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Can a Corn by Jess Walter

We're thrilled to be able to share this short story from Jess Walter, author of Beautiful Ruins, taken from his latest collection We Live in Water. Read more